Box to Box Sports Agency is a professional and renowned organization that advocates the needs of (future) professional football players on a national and international level.

In our business concept the player is central and we strive to engage in long-lasting relationships, built on mutual trust. Constructing and maintaining a trusting relationship is, in our opinion, an absolute necessity for a successful cooperation.

Our agency consists of a team of experts who know the world of football like no other. This allows Box to Box to create a full-service environment for the player, so that he can concentrate solely on his sports career. Our expertise can be used both on and off the pitch, with a focus on assistance, advice and transfers. The client itself is always the one taking the final decision though.

Box to Box Sports Agency has very strong and close ties with English football clubs – from Football League Two clubs to Premier League clubs. Besides these we have strong relations and direct contacts in a wide range of other international organizations in football.

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